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Custom Made Poker TablesQuestions that should be asked when buying a custom poker table?
What type and what grade lumber are you using? We only use A1 grade lumber to make our table tops and the finest hardwood available is used on our pedestal bases and legs. Many companies use C grade lumber from there local building supply warehouse which can have voids, knots and many other unsightly imperfections.

Custom Made Poker TablesWhat type of equipment do you use to cut your tables?
We use state of the art computerized woodworking equipment to insure a perfect cut every time. Many companies claim to offer flawless craftsmanship but if there tables are cut by hand there can be human error. We know we had to start somewhere.

Custom Made Poker TablesDo you use full sheets of foam to upholster you armrests?
Yes we do. We will never piece foam together to save money. We build every poker table as if it were being built for ourselves. Many companies piece there foam together with glue and glue hardens and you can see and feel it through the padded armrest. Glue doesn't last forever. The glue seam in the foam could eventually break and cause an unsightly void.

Custom Made Poker TablesWhat type of felt do you use on your poker tables?
We like many other companies offer a casino grade cloth with a card suit pattern. This is a great option but there are a few cons with this fabric you should know about. To the touch it feels rough. If you are going to pass the deal at your game you shouldn't have any issues with it but many dealers complain that it is rough on there fingertips. The cards slide well and the fabric is very durable. We will provide our customers with fabric samples upon request. We also offer velour that most companies do not offer. We stumbled upon what we think is the greatest fabric to use on game tables. The fabric is very soft to the touch and cards are dealt across the table effortlessly. The fabric doesn't pill like velveteen which many other companies offer on there tables. This is the most durable fabric we have used. I have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers. One local poker room couldn't believe that after one year of nightly use there is no show of wear and tear in front of the dealer position. We also offer custom printed poker cloths for your table. The fabric is made from gaming suede which is the same material used in casinos around the world.